Dependent Picklist Using Lightning Component

Lightning and Lightning Web Components LWC Cover Image

The number of base lightning component is increasing in each release. But there are still few missing area. One of them is Dependent picklist. So today we will create Dependent picklist using Lightning:select. This is a dynamic component, we just need to pass object name and dependent and controlling field. It will give you selected … Continue reading Dependent Picklist Using Lightning Component


Lightning:RecordEditForm Save Data Without Apex

In the last post we check the Lightning:recordForm¬†Which is a great tool. But there some limitation.¬† Like we can't prepopulate data in that. So today we will check another component, Lightning:RecordEdit form. It is very good component, using this we can create edit page, check our custom validation and store the data into Salesforce without … Continue reading Lightning:RecordEditForm Save Data Without Apex