Lightning RecordForm : A Powerful tool with Customization

Lightning and Lightning Web Components LWC Cover Image

Lightning Record form (lightning:recordForm) to show edit or detail page. You can also create new records.


Lightning Events: Detail Overview Part 2

In last post we study that in Lightning we have two types of Events. We study the Component Event. In this post we will continue and will cover the application event. Application Events Application events follow a traditional publish-subscribe model. An application event is fired from an instance of a component. All components that provide … Continue reading Lightning Events: Detail Overview Part 2

Einstein Object Detection: A Quick Overview

Einstein is now a known tech in market and Salesforce now making its library public from the beta mode. Recently Salesforce made Object Detection public available. Object Detection tells you where one or more objects are in an image which allows you to get specific counts and locations of objects within images. For Object Detection first … Continue reading Einstein Object Detection: A Quick Overview

Salesforce Einstein Vision: Quick Overview

Einstein Vision is part of the Einstein Platform Services technologies, and you can use it to AI-enable your apps. Leverage pre-trained classifiers, or train your own custom classifiers to solve a vast array of specialized image-recognition use cases. Developers can bring the power of image recognition to CRM and third-party applications so that end users … Continue reading Salesforce Einstein Vision: Quick Overview

Salesforce + Drucker School, A must read Trail

Trailhead is always fun to learn. Salesforce regularly updates the trailhead modules, adds new challenge and add new rewards as well. Recently Salesforce launches superbadge concept in which you can show your talent using them. But recently Salesforce launches a new module “Learn Drucker School MBA Essentials” . Because Salesforce is a customer centric company … Continue reading Salesforce + Drucker School, A must read Trail