Blockchain in Salesforce

In the TrailheaDx Salesforce announce many things for developers. The topic which I like most is Artificial Intelligence updates and enhancement, Open source Lightning Web Component and Blockchain. Today we will read about Blockchain in Salesforce. In this post I will cover what is Blockchain, how we will use Blockchain in Salesforce and how it … Continue reading Blockchain in Salesforce


Lightning:RecordEditForm Save Data Without Apex

In the last post we check the Lightning:recordForm¬†Which is a great tool. But there some limitation.¬† Like we can't prepopulate data in that. So today we will check another component, Lightning:RecordEdit form. It is very good component, using this we can create edit page, check our custom validation and store the data into Salesforce without … Continue reading Lightning:RecordEditForm Save Data Without Apex

Lightning Data Table With Lazy Loading

Display Large Amount of Data in Visualforce always create problem. There are many limits which we need to overcome to show data in page. In Lightning we can use Datatable component with Lazy loading to show infinite records. Wew can also include sorting as well. Today We will create a Lightning Datatable with generic sObject … Continue reading Lightning Data Table With Lazy Loading

Custom Lookup Lightning Component

Lookups are very important components in Salesforce. Salesforce vide inputfield to handle the Lookup component out of the box. But they come with there own set of limitations. So today I have created a basic Lookup Lightning Component which we can easily use with our existing apps or component to make it work. I tried … Continue reading Custom Lookup Lightning Component

Lightning Data Service: Loading Data without Apex

We can use Lightning Data Service to load, create, edit, or delete a record in Lightning component without using Apex code. Lightning Data Service handles Sharing rules and all other security stuff for us. As we no longer need apex for basic operations so it improve overall performance of the system. Its a type of … Continue reading Lightning Data Service: Loading Data without Apex

Lightning Events: Detail Overview Part 2

In last post we study that in Lightning we have two types of Events. We study the Component Event. In this post we will continue and will cover the application event. Application Events Application events follow a traditional publish-subscribe model. An application event is fired from an instance of a component. All components that provide … Continue reading Lightning Events: Detail Overview Part 2

Salesforce Spring 18: Quick Preview

Happy New Year Everyone. And god bless to them who had hardcoded 2017 in there code. Salesforce has just release Spring 18 and this time also the main focus remains n Einstein and Lightning. In this release there are many good feature are introduced. So let's take a quick look at them. Gather Feedback with … Continue reading Salesforce Spring 18: Quick Preview