Lightning Web Components: Multi Select Custom Lookup

Lightning Web Components (LWC) is current Trending technology in Salesforce Lightning Eco System. I have shared many post related to LWC which you can check to quickly get the idea. Today I will share Multi Select Custom Lookup in LWC. Previously I have shared Custom Lookup in Lightning web Component but in that we can … Continue reading Lightning Web Components: Multi Select Custom Lookup


Custom Lookup in Lightning Web Components

In Salesforce, we use lookup field to connect objects. We can use inputField to show them but sometimes we need our own custom lookup with custom filter. Previously I have created Lookup component in Lightning which you can check here. So today I made that Lightning Web Components (LWC) compatible, and made a Custom Lookup … Continue reading Custom Lookup in Lightning Web Components

Lightning Global Search Component

Previously I have shared a search/Lookup component.  But using that we can only search one object at a time. So today I am sharing a global search component. Using this we can search on multiple objects. Here we are getting value when user change input. Currently it select few standard object and custom object, … Continue reading Lightning Global Search Component

Custom Lookup Lightning Component

Lookups are very important components in Salesforce. Salesforce vide inputfield to handle the Lookup component out of the box. But they come with there own set of limitations. So today I have created a basic Lookup Lightning Component which we can easily use with our existing apps or component to make it work. I tried … Continue reading Custom Lookup Lightning Component