Lightning Global Search Component

Previously I have shared a search/Lookup component.  But using that we can only search one object at a time. So today I am sharing a global search component. Using this we can search on multiple objects. Here we are getting value when user change input. Currently it select few standard object and custom object, … Continue reading Lightning Global Search Component


SFDX: Use With Non Scratch Org

SFDX is a new IDE provided by Salesforce. It is a great tool which comes with many great things like scratch org. If you have not used it before you can check my post to get started and configure it. Previously we can use SFDX with environment hub and production orgs. Where we need to … Continue reading SFDX: Use With Non Scratch Org

Lightning:Map show data on Google Map

Winter 19 is rolling for everyone. I have shared some points which I like most in winter 19. Which you can read here.  with winter 19 Salesforce introduce many components, one of them is lightning:map. It is very useful for developers. Previously when you want to show address on google map you need google api … Continue reading Lightning:Map show data on Google Map

Lightning:RecordEditForm Save Data Without Apex

In the last post we check the Lightning:recordForm Which is a great tool. But there some limitation.  Like we can't prepopulate data in that. So today we will check another component, Lightning:RecordEdit form. It is very good component, using this we can create edit page, check our custom validation and store the data into Salesforce without … Continue reading Lightning:RecordEditForm Save Data Without Apex

Lightning Data Table With Lazy Loading

Display Large Amount of Data in Visualforce always create problem. There are many limits which we need to overcome to show data in page. In Lightning we can use Datatable component with Lazy loading to show infinite records. Wew can also include sorting as well. Today We will create a Lightning Datatable with generic sObject … Continue reading Lightning Data Table With Lazy Loading

Custom Lookup Lightning Component

Lookups are very important components in Salesforce. Salesforce vide inputfield to handle the Lookup component out of the box. But they come with there own set of limitations. So today I have created a basic Lookup Lightning Component which we can easily use with our existing apps or component to make it work. I tried … Continue reading Custom Lookup Lightning Component

Display Generic sObject in Lightning

  In the last post we study how we can iterate map in Lightning. There is one more thing which we face many time is dynamic field binding. Visualforce wit dynamic field binding we can dynamically create field instance but in lightning this is a major limitation. Today we will see how we can use … Continue reading Display Generic sObject in Lightning

Iterate Map In Lightning

Usages of Lightning is increasing day by day. We face many challenge while doing development in Lightning.  One of the challenge which I face recently is we can't iterate map in lightning using aura:iteration.  Map is commonly used collection type which provide Key value pair to easy binding of data. Today I will shae a … Continue reading Iterate Map In Lightning

Convert the Package Code in SFDX

Hello Everyone, In the last post we have discussed  how we can quickly setup the SalesforceDX (SFDX). We also used the basic commands to move code using SFDX, create scratch org and use the scratch org for development. Now we will check if we are an ISV partner then how we can use the SFDX and … Continue reading Convert the Package Code in SFDX