Lightning Events: Detail Overview

In my previous post I have explain the Lightning Basic. But in that post we only cover basics of Lightning events. Lightning events are more complex and need a detailed separate post. So today we will cover lightning events in details. Events are used in Lightning to communicate between two components and pass data between … Continue reading Lightning Events: Detail Overview

Salesforce Spring 18: Quick Preview

Happy New Year Everyone. And god bless to them who had hardcoded 2017 in there code. Salesforce has just release Spring 18 and this time also the main focus remains n Einstein and Lightning. In this release there are many good feature are introduced. So let's take a quick look at them. Gather Feedback with … Continue reading Salesforce Spring 18: Quick Preview

IOT And AI: The future is here

Salesforce with 3 release in a year also introduce many more products from time to time to use the latest technology ┬áto keep it system updated and fast. While the current major thing is Lightning, Salesforce recently introduce two more products and actively working on them. They are Internet of Thing and Artificial Intelligence. As … Continue reading IOT And AI: The future is here