Dreamforce 19: Highlights and Announcements

Dreamforce 19 is over and people are in still in fever of Dreamforce 19. As expected Salesforce made many new announcements, partnership in Dreamforce. Today I will be sharing few point from DF19 which I think will be useful for Developers.

Dreamforce 19 Overview Hoghlights and Announcement

Evergreen: Serverless Functions & Compute for Customer 360 Platform

This is a new addition to the customer 360 platform that brings in serverless function based on fully-managed Kubernetes, support for open programming languages and commonly used high-performance data stores.
Using Evergreen we can use any supported language in Salesforce org and can use the large library which comes with those language. Currently we have many limitation in Apex which I think we can easily overcome using those language.

Dreamforce 19 Salesforce Evergreen

Evergreen supports technologies and architectural patterns that make development teams productive and happy:

  • Functions-as-a-Service for writing business logic and event processing in languages like Node.js, Java and Apex. Using the full power of those languages’ package ecosystems. Functions can be triggered directly from Apex or using Platform Events, with many more invocation types and event sources to come.
  • Microservices for building serverless HTTP apps and APIs that can be quickly evolved by small agile teams and composed into complex, engaging digital experiences. Services and functions are serverless, consume no resources when idle and automatically and elastically scale with traffic.
  • Managed data stores like Postgres, Apache Kafka and Redis that complement the Salesforce Data APIs for high-performance persistence and real-time eventing.

You can signup to receive update on Evergreen and can quickly take a look at demo in DF. This will be available as Developer preview in Spring 20.

Trailhead GO, the Mobile App for Trailhead Exclusive to iPhone and iPad

Trailhead Go is the new App which is exclusively available for iPhone and iPad. We can learn in-demand skills and fast-track our way to life changing jobs like Salesforce admin or iOS developer. Trailhead GO is perfect for anyone looking to reinvent their skill sets, expand their career or start a new one entirely. Trailhead GO also includes a brand new series of microbadges, content that is perfect for new users just discovering Salesforce. You can download the app from Apple store and can start learning.

Einstein Voice for Everyone

Einstein Voice, new voice intelligence applies natural language processing to call transcriptions – providing sales and service teams with insights and trends that will drive smarter, more personalized customer engagement:

  • Service Cloud Voice: It integrates telephony inside Service Cloud, unifying phone, digital channels and CRM data in real-time in one centralized console. Service Cloud Voice can also integrate with transcription services  that convert voice to text in real time, enabling Einstein to serve up relevant AI-powered recommended responses, knowledge articles and next best actions as service agents are on voice calls.
  • Einstein Call Coaching:With the newest Sales Cloud capability, managers are able to see insights and trends within conversational data. Natural language processing identifies keywords in sales call transcripts, alerting managers to trends like a spike in competitor mentions, or best practices on topics like objection handling or pricing discussions. Those insights can then be used to provide sales reps with personalized coaching on how to improve the customer buying experience. 

Using Einstein Agent/Rep will be able to get more details and Can easily make notes without missing any details. Later these details can be used to train the reps. We can test this in new Salesforce Mobile App.

Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Skills will be in beta in February 2020 and are expected to be generally available in 2021. · Service Cloud Voice will be in pilot in February 2020 and is expected to be generally available in June 2020. · Einstein Call Coaching is currently in pilot and is expected to be generally available in June 2020.

So these 3 points I like the most in Dreamforce 19. You can get more details here.

You can now use Lightning Web Components in Lightning Flow.

Let me know which point you like most, I am waiting for Salesforce Evergreen. Let me know in comments section. Happy Programming 🙂


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