Lightning Experience Transition Assistant: Path to Lightning Experience

Salesforce will turn on Lightning Experience on a rolling basis starting in Winter ‘20. After October 12 Salesforce will make “Switch to Lightning Experience” link visible to standard profiles. Now its time to switch users to LEX. In this process we will use a tool which will help us in Migration and that is “Lightning Experience Transition Assistant”. Using Lightning Experience Transition Assistant We will switch our users to lightning Experience easily, following some simple steps.

Today I will cover step by step of how we can use Lightning Experience Transition Assistant to switch our users. We can find link of this in Setup > Left sidebar. Once you click on that you will see three options.

Lightning Experience Transition Assistant

They are:

  • Discover Phase
  • Roll Out Phase
  • Optimize Phase

We will check each in detail.

Discover Phase

In Discover phase you will get the idea of What is Lightning Experience (I’m Sure you are already aware about it 🙂 ). You can generate Salesforce readiness report. This report will give you idea of which existing functionality is compatible in LEX and how much work is needed to migrate your org to LEX. This report also gives you idea of development efforts which are needed with rough number of hours.

There are few sample videos available which you can check to enhance your knowledge and few templates are available which you can use to discuss Roll Out strategy with your stakholders and board members. After gather all this details and discuss everything with your board members we can now move to next stage.

Lightning Migration Discover Phase.

Roll Out Phase

In the roll out phase we need to prepare our users and give them idea of what all exciting features coming for them in Lightning Experience. We also have some extra feature available which we can enable/keep disable based on our requirement. One of the important feature is Custom Domain. For LEX enable/migration custom domain is not required and you can skip, but for Lightning Component development custom domain is mandatory. Going forward we will do the development using Lightning Components so I suggest you to enable Custom Domain.

In this stage we will also adjust existing configuration. Which includes custom JavaScript buttons, VF pages and Notes and Attachments. To make this process easy Salesforce has provided us different set of tool and they all are available in Assistant so we don’t need google to find them. One of them is this site will help us in Custom button and VF pages migration.

Once we make all the required changes we are ready to switch our users to Lightning Experience. Standard users profile will get the permissions and for custom profiles we need to enable permission “Lightning Experience User permission”. We can set Lightnign Experience default for some users while other users will need to click on link to Switch to Lightning Expierence.

Lightning Migration Roll Out Phase

Congrats we have now enabled the Lightning Experience. We will now move to final stage.

Optimize Phase

Now we have enable the Lightning experience to our users. We need to check Success Metrics of how many users have adopted Lightning experience and what are there feedbeack. In case they are facing any issue or reported any bug or missing feature we need to work on that to improve user experience. We also need to motivate them to stay in LEX and need to work on all reasons due to which they switch back to classic.

We need to keep checking with users about there experience and need to work on all area which is creating issue with them. We can also take help of Readiness report to find area which still need the work. Once users are comfortable in Lightning we can make it default and disable the classic option.

Lightning Migration Optimize Phase

So in just three steps using “Lightning Experience Transition Assistant” we have enabled Lightning experience to our users. As Lightning Experience has many advance feature so users will definiately like it.

In case you are stuck somewhere and need help you can ask them in Lightning Now community group or below comments. You can also ask them on twitter/ SFSE and you will surely get the help.

Do you want to get Quick idea about Lightning Web Components, You can check my post here. 

Do you have any question or wants to share your Lightning Experience Transition experience with others. Let me know in comments.


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