Data Export From Developer Console

Developer Console is very useful tool. We can perform many action in that which include perform SOQL, Execute Anonymous , Test Class and Debugging. While we can query data from Developer console but we can not do Data Export from Developer console.

Export Data From Developer Console In Google Chrome

Today I will share a quick hack to easily do Data Export from Developer console in Google Chrome.

First open Developer Console and run query on any object for which you want to export the data. Once the data is displayed. Right click on First row + First column and then select Inspect Element.

In the Elements tab you will see a div with id=" gridview -*(few numbers). Right click on div and select on Copy > Copy Element. Now you have copied all the data.

Data Export from Developer console using google chrome

Now you can easily paste it into Excel or CSV to store the data.

Store data into excel

We can also export test class coverage using this. Just need to follow same steps.

Export Test class coverage in Excel Google chrome

There are few limitations: We cant copy Header Row using this so you need to manually add that into Excel/CSV. I didn’t tried this in other browser So you can try that and let me know if it works or not.

Do you want to study about Lightning Web Components. Check my post to find about them in details with Hands on experience here.

Did you like the post or do you have any question, let me know in comments section. Happy Programming 🙂


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