Salesforce Spring 19 Release Notes: Things you should know

Its the year end and holiday season is on. Salesforce comes with an exciting new release spring 19. The main update of this release is Lightning Web Components. Today we will take a quick preview of points which I like in this update.


  1. Lightning Web Components

Lightning Web Components (LWS) is a new programming model built on the Web Components standard. Lightning web components bring modern JavaScript and web standards to the Lightning Component framework, improve developer productivity, and boost performance. For now You can use SFDX with VS code to develop them.  Lightning web components and Aura components can coexist and inter operate on a page. You can read about them here.  Locker Service is renamed Lightning Locker.

2. Now we need to set default value using square brackets in lightning components without them we might get unexpected results.

<aura:attribute name="colorArray" type="String[]" default="['red', 'green', 'blue']" />
<aura:attribute name="colorList" type="List" default="['red', 'green', 'blue']" />
<aura:attribute name="colorSet" type="Set" default="['red', 'green', 'blue']" />

3. Turn On Lightning Experience (Critical Update)

Salesforce will turn on Lightning Experience on a rolling basis starting in Winter ‘20 to empower users to move faster, do more, and be more productive. So Now we need to enable LEX in our org to make users comfortable with them.

4. Jump Right into Most Important List View with Pinned Lists

Now we can make any list view our default list view using the pin icon. Just click to pin icon to make list view default and Salesforce will remember it. The default list view is recent view.


5. Print the Record Page in Lightning Experience

Now we can print key details and related lists from a record page in Lightning Experience, just as we do in Salesforce Classic. This feature is available for all users, for Account, Campaign, Case, Contact, Contract, Lead, Opportunity, Order, and custom objects. We can also use it in home page.

PPView 1PPView 2

6.Use Lightning Web Components in the Utility Bar

Lightning Web Components can be used in utility bar by adding the lightning__UtilityBar target in LWC‘s meta configuration.

7. Now on search result we also get the number of records founds for each search objects. Top results are displayed on page (this feature can be unavailable during release preview).

8. Data storage for select editions is increasing from 1 GB to 10 GB. For example, previously a Professional Edition org with 10 users received 1 GB, because 10 users multiplied by 20 MB per user allotment is 200 MB. Now, a Professional Edition org with 10 users receives 10 GB + 200 MB.

9. Open Hyperlinks in Formula Fields Correctly

This critical update addresses an issue opening hyperlinks in formula fields. If you have formula fields that contain a HYPERLINK function, Lightning Experience currently ignores the target value when attempting to open the link. This critical update ensures that the target value for hyperlinks is honoured.

10. Reuse the component using Lightning container component in community

Now we can easily integrate our existing or new applications built in React, Angular or other third-party JavaScript frameworks or open-source software with lightning:container in Lightning community.

11. Create Custom Big Objects from Setup

Now we can create Big objects from setup. We can define fields and build the index. Metadata API is no longer needed. Now its just point and click.

12. Clone, Deploy, Upload, and Validate Change Sets with Fewer Clicks

Now we can validate, deploy, clone, upload the change set from the list view. If there  are any running process related to the change set these links won’t be available.

13. Show a Toast with a New JavaScript Function

Show a toast with the function. A toast displays a message below the header at the top of a view.

14. We can now enable checking for field- and object-level security permissions on SOQL SELECT queries by using the WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED clause. If fields or objects referenced in the SELECT clause using WITH SECURITY_ENFORCED are inaccessible to the user, an exception is thrown, and no data is returned.


A new System.SObject.isSet() method checks whether a field was queried or set by an Apex assignment.

15. We can now clone sandbox from another sandbox. Within each cloned sandbox, we can customize the data and metadata to accommodate the phase in our application life cycle, such as Dev, Testing or UAT.

From Setup, enter Sandboxes in the Quick Find box, then select Sandboxes. Next to the name of a completed sandbox, click Clone. Or select New Sandbox, and in the Create From dropdown menu, select the sandbox to clone.

16. Salesforce will now add .invalid with the email address in sandbox instead of previous format

You can read the release notes in detail here. You can also signup for pre release Spring 19 org here.

What feature did you like most, mine is Lightning Web Components. Let me know in comments section. Happy programming 🙂


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