Lightning Global Search Component

Previously I have shared a search/Lookup component.  But using that we can only search one object at a time. So today I am sharing a global search component. Using this we can search on multiple objects.

Lightning Global Search Component


Here we are getting value when user change input. Currently it select few standard object and custom object, which are easily configurable. You can use custom setting to make object dynamic.

To display record detail I have used lightning:tag but we can also use lightning:recordForm to display object details.

You can find complete code on my github repo here.

Do you want to add anything, let me know in comments section. Happy programming 🙂



4 thoughts on “Lightning Global Search Component

  1. This is great Tushar. I am looking for a scenario where you type a text, we get the results and when you select a value in the result,that has to be add as a row under this search component.

  2. Hey Tushar, This is really awesome but when I try and put the component on the lightning page I get the following error “Unable to find action ‘doInit’ on the controller of c:CustomSearchResultList”

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