SFDX: Use With Non Scratch Org

SFDX is a new IDE provided by Salesforce. It is a great tool which comes with many great things like scratch org. If you have not used it before you can check my post to get started and configure it.

Previously we can use SFDX with environment hub and production orgs. Where we need to create scratch org to make it work. But Now we can use it with any org which make it more useful as going forward Salesforce will provide support for this IDE.

Today we will check how we can use it with any org. (As per SF support this is not fully stable and we should not use it for live environment).

  • If you have already installed the SFDX cli you need to upgrade it to latest version.    in terminal use[code]sfdx update[/code]
  • then we need to create a blank project. We can do it using manifest. In View > Command Palaette > SFDX: Create project with Manifest > Give a project Name > Select a folderScreenshot_4.png


  • Now we need to authorise our org. For this we need to use SFDX: Authorize an Org. Enter the org alias. And authorise the org.Screenshot_1.pngScreenshot_2.png
  • Now we need to fetch source from current org. For this we need to use SFDX: Retrieve Source from Org. It will take some time based on org metadata.Screenshot_3.png
  • Once we get all the source in editor. We can make changes in code. Once we done with our changes. We can select single file, manifest, complete and use the command SFDX: Deploy source to orgScreenshot_4.png
  • We can verify the code change in our org as well.Screenshot_6.png

As we can see just following some simple steps we can use SFDX cli with our org. This also support developer org as well. So you can play with it in your org and can quickly make changes.

Did you want to add anything or have any question, let me know in comments section. Happy programming 🙂


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