Salesforce Einstein Intent: A Quick Overview

Hi All, As Dreamforce is over and there are lots of new things in the market. but Einstein is on top of that. In my previous post I have already shared about Einstein Vision to predict the image. Today we will cover the basic of Einstein Intent A search Prediction.

You can use Einstein Intent to make a case prediction and route the case to different user  so that case can be solved much faster with less human intervention.


The process is same as we have done for Einstein Vision. First if you don’t have API key or access token then you need to create one. You can follow the same steps as previous post.
After that we first need to create sample Dataset. In this step, you define the labels that you want the model to output when text is sent into the model for prediction. Then you gather text data for each of those labels, and that text is used to create a model.

You can use sample CSV which I have used or can create your own as well.

Then you need to train that dataset. You can also make request to check status of training. and once training is completed you can make your first prediction.

The text which I used for prediction is “Why my shipping address is changed.” And the response which I get is

Prediction Result.png


Its related to Billing and it is Correct. You can create large dataset to make these prediction more accurate. And can play with it yourself.

Let me know what you like most about Einstein in comments. If you want to add something share with me in comments section.

Happy Programming 🙂


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