IOT And AI: The future is here

Salesforce with 3 release in a year also introduce many more products from time to time to use the latest technology  to keep it system updated and fast. While the current major thing is Lightning, Salesforce recently introduce two more products and actively working on them. They are Internet of Thing and Artificial Intelligence.

As everyone is aware these two things are major part of IT industry and in upcoming year so salesforce Introduce them for its CRM.  So I everyone should start learning these technology because they are the future and as a Developer we need to keep ourself updated.

IOT: Salesforce IoT Cloud is powered by Thunder, a scalable event processing engine, designed to ingest and analyze billions of events. Events are the data that comes from the networked devices and objects we talked about above. On top of that, Thunder lets you take personalized actions based on these events, which help your company create more enriching and focused customer experiences.


IoT Cloud’s way of taking in data and triggering actions to create experiences lets your company focus on creating engaging, individualized experiences for all your customers. These might be customized alerts, emails, or messages. Or the actions might be something else within Salesforce, like creating a service ticket, or customizing the information they access through an app.

Imagine a world where you can react to real-time information, quickly creating these interactions with all your customers, so that the experiences feel personal, specific, and at the right time. Well, imagine no more. Buckle up for a quick flight to the land of IoT.

Artificial Intelligence:  AI is the concept of having “machines think like humans.” You’re starting to see examples of AI in your everyday life because we’re at an evolutionary tipping point. AI isn’t a new concept—we’ve had the theoretical models for a long time—but it’s finally possible thanks to the access and increase in large amounts of data combined with the low cost of high-power computing.


AI has benefits for all parts of the business. Sales reps no longer have to enter sales data manually. Marketers no longer have to use manual A/B testing to select the best social media images for their next campaign. And customer service managers no longer have to sift through long lists of incoming service calls to prioritize their time.

AI will impact each and every part of CRM and with Einstein  it will make many thing smooth as well because in the bunch of leads it will show most important Leads on top, Notify you to follow from customer and send them reminder email and many other things as well. AI will act like personal Assistance available at anytime anywhere in your fingertip. AI with CRM make Salesforce CRM a smart CRM.

So this is a brief idea of what IOT and AI is but in near future they play an important part and this will make them a must learn thing. So include them in your learning or TO DO list and let me know in comments what things you like most about these and what improvement you want to see in them.


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