Salesforce + Drucker School, A must read Trail

Trailhead is always fun to learn. Salesforce regularly updates the trailhead modules, adds new challenge and add new rewards as well. Recently Salesforce launches superbadge concept in which you can show your talent using them. But recently Salesforce launches a new module “Learn Drucker School MBA Essentials” .

Because Salesforce is a customer centric company and Drucker School is a management school based on the cornerstone idea that the purpose of an organization is to create and keep a customer. So now they both combine their hands and make a module in which user learn how to keep their customer happy and implement all the requirement in Salesforce at the same time.

Using this module you will learn what are the key points which we should keep in mind when we create something for our customer and at the same time we can implement that in Salesforce so that at the end we can make our customer happy. Because a Happy customer is the key of success and you will never fail if your customers are happy and they are with you. So you should check this trail.

This module is divided into five parts and it’s a short one (So go ahead and try this). So this module uses the MBA course curriculum and implements them using some real life scenario and implements the requirements in Salesforce.



This is a great knowledge which everyone should have to keep their customer happy and at the same time help their business grow much faster. This module uses Five points theory  of Five questions we should ask to our self to understand the customer requirement  and the questions are What is purpose, Who is our target customer, what do our customer value, what are the results and what are the plans. Based on these five questions you can easily find that what your main purpose of developing any solution and who will use it. This will help us to understand who is our audience is and what they really need and we are delivering the same product for which they have asked. And will we ever get the response which we have expected also if there are some existing products in market so will customer buy our product. Then the most important part is what the end result is and what our future plans are to handle the results.

At the same time we can implement all these functionality in Salesforce like if its a customer portal where they ask for some help then we can use Service cloud, If we want to sell something then sales cloud, If we want to go with mobile then app cloud or process the data then we will use the Analytic cloud and wave. Then we can use many Salesforce inbuilt tools like Workflow and process builders for automation of email sending, Fields updates, outbound message to communicate with external servers and Task to notify peoples, Approval process for Approval functionality , Console for easy handling of Case and CTI and call center to implement call centers in Salesforce or Marketing cloud to handle all the current marketing skills, Analytic cloud to generate and process on Data and create reports or App cloud to inbuilt support of App development on All major platform and because future is mobile ready so your solution will be future ready itself or can use the newly addition Lighting to get the better UI experience for the customer.

If I cover all the points then this post will never ends so better part is just and complete this module and did I informed you that 500 early birds will get a certificate from the Drucker MBA schools. Great news isn’t it so hurry up and share your badge and the certificate with the world. All the best 🙂


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