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We all are aware about trailhead. It’s an amazing platform with lots of amazing things. We can learn cool stuff there. Also recently SF announce that we can display our badge at Success community profile. Recently Salesforce announce 8 new badge and increase trailhead family. I am eager to earn them so you are that’s why you are here. So lets start, get some base idea from earn and increase your count.

Introduction to Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a customer service and support application. It helps keep your customers happy and your support team sane, whether your customers reach out to you by email, phone, social media, online communities, or real-time Web chat. These different ways of reaching out are called channels, and they help you help your customers through their preferred communication tool. Giving your customers a choice in how they communicate with your company is the first step towards delivering extraordinary service. Because customer is the key of success. Every company rely on their customers. In this competitive world you need customers to survive the world.

A screen shot of a console.

The second step to delivering extraordinary service is making sure that your support team can work comfortably with multiple channels simultaneously. The last thing you want to do is burn out your support agents with a complicated app—frustrated support agents don’t provide first-rate service. That’s why Service Cloud integrates multiple channels into an easy to use help desk called the console, which you can customize to fit your company’s unique support processes.

Organizational Alignment (V2MOM)

The Importance of Company-Wide Alignment

As the legend goes, they scribbled out the very first V2MOM on the back of an American Express envelope

Getting everyone in your organization in sync is not easy. Whether you’re a small business or a global company, it’s a challenge to get everyone moving in the right direction.

Vision Defines what you want to do or achieve.
Values Principles and beliefs that help you pursue the vision.
Methods Actions and steps to take to get the job done.
Obstacles The challenges, problems, issues you have to overcome to achieve the vision.
Measures Measurable results you aim to achieve.

Today the V2MOM is still at the forefront of how we run our business. Every year, we work collaboratively to create a V2MOM that serves as the foundation for how we align and prioritize what we’re going to accomplish. And we hold ourselves accountable for delivering results. The V2MOM has always been our “secret sauce” that’s enabled our success from the beginning.

V2MOM is an iterative, transparent, and feedback-driven process. Everyone has a chance to provide input and feedback which creates buy-in, alignment, transparency, and unity across the organization. The best part? Every employee creates one!

After the corporate V2MOM is established, it gets cascaded down to functions, teams, and individuals so everyone can create their own V2MOM. This ensures that every employee has a clear understanding of our priorities every year, and how their role, goals, and performance contributes to our overall success—now, that’s alignment.

Custom Metadata Types

Using Custom Metadata Types

Custom metadata types are very, well, meta. So before we dive in any deeper, let’s take a look at some concrete examples of what you can do with custom metadata types.

Custom settings only migrate definitions, not records.

  • Mappings—You can use custom metadata types to create associations between different objects. For example, you can create a custom metadata type that assigns cities, states, or provinces to particular regions in a country.
  • Business rules—Salesforce has lots of ways to define business rules. One way is to combine configuration records with custom functionality. For example, you can use custom metadata types along with some Apex code to route payments to the correct endpoint.
  • Master data—Say that your org uses a standard accounting app. You can create a custom metadata type that defines custom charges, like duties and VAT rates. If you include this type as part of an extension package, subscriber orgs can reference this master data.

ISV Business Planning

Narrow market from total addressable to available to target

To begin to build your business foundation:

  1. Identify your total addressable market.
  2. Perform a competitive analysis to identify your available market within your total addressable market.
  3. Using your competitive analysis, your customers’ pain points, and your business cycle, find your target audience.
  4. Further refine or broaden your customer segment to meet your business needs.

Then you create a customer profile to guide your entire team.

Lifecycle showing plan, build, distribute, market, sell, and support

Remember, the goal is to focus your energy and resources to give you a foundation in the market. You use the work we’ve done here when you create a business plan and a go-to-market strategy.

A Culture of Feedback

Open Honest Courageous

Imagine that you’ve just finished a delicious lunch and you’re energized and ready for the second half of the day. Little do you know, however, that there’s a big blob of food stuck in your front teeth.

Now ask yourself this: Would you rather know about that food stuck in your teeth, or would you rather go through your afternoon meetings only to discover it later?

No one ever got better at anything without receiving feedback

How about if the situation was reversed and it was your co-worker with food stuck in their teeth? Would you have the courage to tell your co-worker, or are you afraid of making that other person uncomfortable or embarrassed? Sure, it can be an awkward message to deliver, but chances are that if you’d want to know about it, they’d probably want to know about it too.

So, what does food stuck in your teeth have to do with feedback? Well, imagine that food stuck in your teeth was actually a small little “flaw” in your work that others can see, but you’re oblivious to. And that small thing, if done differently, would make a big difference in the impact of your work? Chances are, you’d probably want to know about it.



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